If ever there was a phrase that would inspire controversy, this is it. We are all raised with the idea that police are put in our lives to serve and protect us. For as long as our great nation has had laws, millions of brave men and women have been out on our local streets and highways in order to keep the peace, and stop crime.

Check out what James Duane law professor at Regent University and former defense attorney has to say about the subject:

The fact is that we are a nation of laws and before anything, police are here primarily to enforce laws that are already broken, not to prevent laws from being broken. Police at all levels are investigative agents, put in place to ensure that when the law is broken, the right people are brought to justice!

We are all human and are subject to bias, some form of stereotype and even prejudice at some point and in certain situations. Police gather intelligence, and the reality is that intelligence is often open to interpretation and that interpretation is often unintentionally molded to the biases of the interpretor.

In the event that this bias should arise, people need to ensure they are protected by having legal counsel that is unbiased and dedicated to their best interest with regard to the law.

Are you protected?