Facebook: We own your content forever, and ever

As many of you may have heard, Facebook recently announce its new terms of use agreement and it basically states that anything you post on their site, will now and forever belong to them. With the explosion of social media these days, meeting places like Myspace and Facebook are flooded with thousands of new members every day looking to connect with old friends, build new relationships and explode their businesses among many other things.

The reality is that not everyone is on Facebook to make friends, and I’m certain that identity thieves are working the limitless room of social networks. Its easier than ever to make a friend who has their name, and all their personal info short of their social security number listed on their social media website profile. To top it off, most of them even have professional pictures that would look great on a fabricated ID card. Do you think Facebook wants to be responsible if someone steals your identity with info they got on your profile?

All that being said, any attorney, business coach, or finance professional can tell you that for Facebook, this decision is a no-brainer. Though it seems unfair to the consumer, all businesses need to protect themselves from any potential legal situation, and Identity Theft is definitely not something any business wants to be liable for if they can avoid it.

So while Facebook is protecting itself from us, what can we do to protect ourselves from ID theft on social networking sites? First and foremost, censor the personal information and photo content specifically that you submit to social networking sites. A name and a number usually suffice if your networking specifically for business. Never use your home address when submitting information that is available to the public, and finally, be proactive in filtering who your friends are on these sites. You never know who could be lurking.